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The power of DHIS2
in an
instant .

DHIS2 is a tool used for the collection, validation, analysis, and presentation of data.

With Dhistance, you can set up your own DHIS2 server seamlessly,
without needing advanced technical skills .
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Use Cases
Dhistance can be used across a wide-range of situations to solve your
data management problems and meet your impact goals.

We leverage the power of DHIS2 as we work with these organisations:

Why Dhistance?

Dhistance is fully automated so you don’t need a third party to
set up and deploy a Data Management Server for your project or organization.
Dhistance saves time, cost and is hassle-free.

Instant Setup

Set up a Data Management Server instantly, without any technical know-how about Data Management Server implementation processes.

Continuous Backups

Daily database backup of your DHIS2 instances, ensuring your data is never lost, even if your instance is inactive.

Data Confidentiality

Your data can not be accessed by unauthorised parties.


Data encryption, two-factor authentication and firewalls, are employed to secure your data.

Host multiple instances on one account

Manage multiple servers (test and production) on one user account.

Subdomain Name

Get a free subdomain name with every Data Management Server created.
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Dhistance plans are designed to give you maximum value for your funds.

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7 extra subscription days to host your Data Management Server instances each time you refer someone and they create a Data Management Server instance on Dhistance.



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• Free SSL certificates for each server
• Technical support: Forum and live chat
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• Free SSL certificates for each server
• Technical support: Forum and live chat
• Database backup downloads
• Automatic backups
• Configure up to 2 DHIS2 instances
• Database imports and backup downloads

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2+ years

Everything from Premium including:
  • Extra Customizations for Data Management Servers
  • Custom Domain Names
  • 24/7 technical support

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Our team has deep and broad expertise in DHIS2 and we can help with Data Management Server setup, configuration and maintenance for your organization.