What is Dhistance?

Dhistance is the fastest route to your Data Management Server. It is the first ever fully automated DHIS2 as a software platform that allows you to setup and host your own DHIS2 within minutes!!! Setting up DHIS2 the right way is often time-consuming and involves technical expertise in server deployment and management. With Dhistance you get a Data Management Server installed and configured according to best practices. Dhistance also goes beyond doing just the basics and provides lots of additional services which will improve ease of management, stability, security and performance of your DHIS 2 instance. The services include:

Best Practice Installation
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  • Configure operating system with access control and proper file system permissions
  • Install PostgreSQL database and tune it for high performance
  • Install Tomcat servlet container and configure it for maximum stability
  • Install DHIS2 application and configure security aspects
  • Install Nginx reverse proxy and enable caching and compression
Uptime and Support The hosting plans come with 24/7 monitoring and technical support, meaning that if your Data Management Server goes down or there is a problem, we are there to help you. We ensure that your system is available, well-performing and that no unnecessary down-time is inflicted on your users.
Reliable Backup of Database and Application Know the how it feels to lose critical data? The backup service makes sure that your data is always backed up in a secure place – both on your server for easy access as well as on a server located physically somewhere else in case something goes wrong.
Updates and Patching of Operating System and Middleware The managed Data Management Servers run on rock-solid Linux operating systems. However, as time goes by it is essential to keep the operating system, Java version and middleware like the web server, servlet container and database up-to-date with the latest security patches. Ignoring to patch your environment will make your system vulnerable for malicious attacks.
Help Desk When operating a sophisticated software like DHIS2 it is comforting to know you can rely on Dhistance to help you if you get stuck. The help desk service provides you with assistance on technical matters related to your server and DHIS2 software instance. Dhistance staff has many years of experience of DHIS 2 hosting and configuration.
Server Resource Scaling Often you will start with a small Data Management Server where you build and test your system. When system adoption increases you will need more server resources to handle the load. The resource scaling service lets you scale when you need it and pay for only what you need.
SSL (encryption) Setup In today’s Internet environment setting up SSL (as in HTTPS and encryption) is an absolute must for applications like DHIS2 which requires users to log in with a username and password. The SSL service provides your server with a trusted SSL certificate which will keep the private information of your users secure.

About eHealth4Everyone

eHealth4everyone is a leading digital health social enterprise founded by a group of eHealth enthusiasts dedicated to making the world healthier. Working with participants across the spectrum of healthcare, from individuals, healthcare providers, non-governmental organizations, government departments, and stakeholders, insurance organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and various private sector players, we enable high performance across the continuum of healthcare delivery and management. What drives us is our mission to advance the frontiers of digital health (the use of digital technology for healthcare) - through invention, innovation and implementation. The team has deployed DHIS2 for over a dozen organizations and has deep knowledge, expertise and experience with application hosting all of which was adopted to set up the first-ever DHIS2 as a software service. They also conduct training sessions for organizations and individuals on the use of DHIS2.

Why DHIS2?

DHIS2 is a free open source software used for the collection, validation, and presentation of aggregate and patient-based statistical data, tailored (but not limited) to integrated health information management activities. It is a flexible tool with an open meta-data model that makes it possible to adapt the software to various use cases and local contexts. It also has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to develop case-specific content without the need for programming. DHIS2 is widely adopted and is currently being used as the National Health Information System in about 60 countries and by NGOs for health-related projects, including patient health monitoring, disease surveillance, and public health goals. Its development is coordinated by the University of Oslo with support from NORAD and other donors.

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Want to Know More about DHIS2

eHealth4everyone is offering two DHIS2 training sessions (Beginner level and Advanced level) to individuals and organizations interested in improving their DHIS2 technical and analytical skills. DHIS2 is the ideal data management system used by the Federal Government, NGOs, private organizations and individuals to effectively manage data. The trainings will be hands-on and interactive and participants do not need prior DHIS2 experience to register for the training.

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Multi-source Data Analytics and Triangulation (MSDAT) dashboard

The Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) Nigeria multi source data analysis resource powered by eHealth4everyone provides a single transparent view of key health indicators against multiple data sources. It offers a view against key metrics using sources that range from routine data, surveys to global estimates recognizing that data quality, trends and interpretation depend on the type of source and methodology behind the data.

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