Frequently Asked Questions

What is DHIS2?

District Health Information System version 2 (DHIS2) is a tool used for the collection, validation, analysis, and presentation
of individual, aggregate and administrative data tailored (but not limited) to integrated health information management
DHIS2 is a free, open source and globally distributed software. The development is coordinated by the University of Oslo
with support from NORAD and other donors. It is mainly used to collect routine and real time data, analyse and visualize
the data and generate reports.

Does our organization provide refunds?

We issue refunds where applicable and appropriate.
Canceling your Premium or Enterprise subscription before it expires does not qualify you for a refund.
However you are eligible for full or partial refund if:
  • Your request for refunds is made within 7 days of the activation of your subscription
    This refund is for the initial Data Management Server provisioned under your account
  • You agree to forfeit the data already collected using your Data Management Server hosted on
    except where accidental loss of your data by DHIStanceveryone occurs.
  • You are entitled to a maximum of 40% of your subscription fees on successful review of your refund request.

Why should you pay for DHIS2 hosting?

DHIStance goes beyond doing just the basics and provides lots of additional services which will improve ease of
management,stability, security and performance of your DHIS 2 instance.

How many Data Management Servers can you provision?

The number of Data Management Servers you can setup on your account is dependent on your plan. A trial account can only
have one Data Management Server set up, a premium account can have up to two Data Management Servers while enterprise accounts
are entitled to more.

Can you use existing data for your hosted Data Management Server?

Yes. Data can be imported into your Data Management Server in the form of postgresql database dumps. The prefarable dump
format is 'sql', although other custom formats are also acceptable.

How secure is your data?

Each Data Management Server is protected by SSL certificates to provide full protection against the entire range of online attacks
and sniffing to ensure only your organization has access to your data.

Do we provide data backups?

Your data is stored on multiple backup locations, both on the cloud and locally, to ensure your data is always available
and fully backed up.

Who do I contact for billing?

For more enquiries about billing or any other of our services, please send a mail to